Emergency Roof Repair & Roofing Replacement

Throughout the Greater Houston, TX area, residential and commercial rooftops are designed to take a lot of abuse from the climate, weather, and other conditions for about 15-20 years. To ensure your home or business stays protected, My-General Contractor provides roof repair and replacement services. You can rest assured that the expertise of our roofing specialists will deliver quality, long lasting work. A wide range of different types of roofs and roofing materials are made available with the professionals of My-General Contractor for the commercial and residential customers in the Greater Houston, Texas area. Using premium products and advanced equipment, our specialists have the means to replace asphalt shingle, tile roof, metal, rubber composite and flat roofs.

Emergency Roof Tarping after a Storm

When hazardous conditions such as high winds and/or heavy rain develop, it is not always safe to make major roofing repairs when needed. Emergency roof tarping is a temporary solution to prevent secondary damage to your roof until it can be thoroughly inspected and repaired. If you suspect that your roof has succumbed to damage from a recent storm or accident, My-General Contractor can provide you with emergency roof tarping services. Please note: If you plan to file an insurance claim for your roof damage, emergency roof tarping may be required. Before a claim can be processed, the insurance company will likely want to know if you have made any temporary roof repairs. If you have not, you will likely be advised to do so to protect the property from further loss. My-General Contractor is happy to work with your insurance company on your behalf.

Is it Better to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

As to whether it is better to repair or replace your roof, it really depends on the circumstances. If the problem is regarding a newer roof and is a small issue such as a few blown up shingles or a couple of cracked tiles; repair is the cheapest and best option. If the problem is major, occurs on an old roof or for those unsure if the roof is need of repairing or replacing, below are the red flags your roof is in need of replacement.
1) Roof exceeds 15 years of age
2) Excessive moss growth dark algae streaks
3) Chronic roof leaks
4) Damaged shingles (bald, curled, or cracked)
5) Neighbors are undergoing a rooftop replacement (Your neighbor’s home was likely built during the same time. Their roof weathered the same storms, endured the same climate, and is about the same age; if they needed a roof replacement, odds is your roof needs replacing as well.)

Emergency Roof Repair & Roofing Replacement in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

Contact My-General Contractor for your roofing needs. We will conduct a thorough inspection and then recommend the best course of action whether than be repair or replacement. We will always service your roof efficiently and in a timely manner. And we will never recommend a replacement when a repair is sufficient.

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