Flood, Water & Fire Damage Restoration

The damage to your property from storms, water or fire can be devastating. Your home or business is likely your biggest investment and needs to be taken care of correctly. My-General Contractor is a company that specializes in storm, water and fire damage restoration services in the Greater Houston, Texas area.

Flood & Storm Damage Restoration

Issues caused by weather need attention as soon as possible and a company with years of experience is invaluable to restore your home after a weather event. My-General Contractor can provide you with quality boarding, cleanup and reconstruction services after damage due to storms.

Water Leak Damage Restoration

Talk to an insurance company and you’ll learn that water damage is one of the most common insurance claims. Immediate action is imperative when it comes to water damage to start the extraction process, along with drying and repair. My-General Contractor works with major insurance company’s to move the process along quickly.

Fire Damage Restoration

Damage caused by a fire can be the most devastating as you typically must deal with water damage from firefighter efforts as well. The correct approach is very important when it comes to fire damage. The first step is cleaning the property and boarding everything up. Your belongings need to be treated with respect, regardless of the condition they may be in. My-General Contractor knows how to do this and will work closely with your insurance company and any permits unique to fire damage restoration. Your needs and concerns when it comes to the restoration of your home should be first and foremost and are necessary to bring your home back to its original condition.

What Does Damage Restoration or Rebuilding Include?
Our water and fire damage restoration services typically include the following steps:
• 24-hour emergency services
• Weatherproofing and board-up
• Water extraction and drying
• Cleanup and repair
• Mold abatement and remediation if required
• smoke and odor remediation if applicable
• Complete reconstruction (either restoration or remodeling)

Flood, Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

Damage that occurs after a storm, water or fire is not a DIY project. Well meaning property owners often fail to recognize dangerous situations, may use the wrong equipment and tend to disregard important details. It is best to go with a company that can have the restoration done as quickly as possible, so you can regain some normalcy in your life. If you have recently found yourself dealing with storm, water or fire damage, contact My-General Contractor. We have a team of professionals that specialize in storm restoration, water restoration and fire damage restoration. We pride ourselves in both detail and quality workmanship, so your property will look like nothing ever happened! Give us a call today!

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