General Contractor

General contractors like My-General Contractor provide a wide variety of residential and commercial construction services including turnkey projects, new construction, interior fit-outs, site improvements and remodels. On occasion, we even take over a project that’s already underway! My-General Contractor delves further into the general contractor services we offer below.

Turnkey Projects

My-General Contractor can take your project from conception to completion. These turnkey projects are becoming increasingly popular in new construction as well as remodeling on a turnkey basis. When the premises is ready for move in, we “turns the key over” to our client.
Turnkey projects are streamlined which is ideal when deadlines are tight or resources are limited. Owners and developers value our expertise and integrity when assigning a complete project to our company.

New Construction Projects

My-General Contractor designs and builds and we are often called upon to implement the design of an independent architect. In either case, we coordinate all aspects of executing the new construction project by enlisting the services of specialty contractors to make the design a reality.

Remodels & Renovations

In addition to new construction, My-General Contractor excels at renovation and remodeling projects. We deliver the trade skills necessary for cost-effective, high-quality projects. Home and business owners choose renovations for many reasons such as to freshen or update an aging building to make it more modern and energy efficient as well as to replace surfaces that have experienced wear and tear or restore and rebuild a water or fire damaged building. In our renovation and remodeling projects, we balance owner resources, function and aesthetics.

Site Improvements

Site improvements is another area of expertise for My-General Contractor. Information from the architect, engineer and landscape architect goes into the site plan and we make that plan a reality. Site improvements alter the property in ways that accommodate or contribute to the structure. My-General Contractor has extensive knowledge in regards to site excavation, underground utilities and water drainage, parking, shelter, site lighting and much more.

Commercial Interior Fit Outs or Build Out

Once a commercial tenant leases an office or other workspace, it’s time to build it out. The tenant typically starts their workplace with studded walls and functioning utilities. Drywall may or may not be covering the studded walls and there may or may not be finished flooring and a finished ceiling. To complete what is called a fit-out or build-out, the tenant enlists the services of a general contractor like My-General Contractor. We then complete virtually everything that’s required before the tenant’s equipment arrives.

Taking Over an Existing Construction Project

Unfortunately, projects started by our competitors sometimes get off track. There may be quality concerns, financial difficulties, or a lack of proper management. The solution is often to assign the project to a new general contractor like My-General Contractor which has capable construction managers. Our construction management experts step in and get everything back on schedule as well as helping to resolve challenges without further delay and moving the project forward to completion.

For More Information
My-General Contractor has the knowledge, experience and training to complete a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, no matter how big or small. We are large enough to take on complex challenges while being small enough to remain devoted to the personal relationships key to construction success. We would love to hear more about your current or upcoming project and discuss how we can be of assistance. Contact us to get your project underway today!

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