Common Aging in Place Remodeling Projects in Missouri City, TX; Modify Bathrooms for Seniors & More

When someone you love is starting to get older, there are several aspects of everyday life that can become difficult. All of a sudden, the house that they spent most of their life in, doesn’t meet their needs any longer. Even then, there are many seniors that have no interest in moving to a new house. Luckily, there are some ways that you can help your seniors age in place with some remodeling projects. My-General Contractor is here to talk about some of the most common renovations that can allow a senior to age in place rather than move into a new place.

How Can Homes Be Modified to Support Older Adults?

As someone starts to get older, there might be some small improvements you can make to the house to help them stay in their home as they continue to age. However, at some point there will more than likely have to be some renovations made to allow them to continue to live in the house.
– Bathroom Modifications for Seniors: Most seniors need to be able to easily get in and out of the shower without worrying about stepping up or stepping down to get in. You might also have to add a seat to the shower to make it easier. Swapping out the toile for one that is easier to get on and off of it because it is taller is also an adjustment. Choosing sinks that are wall mounted can be helpful as they can be installed at an accessible level.
– Widen Doorways: There are many seniors that have need for a wheelchair as they get older. This means that most doorways are going to need to be widened to accommodate the wheelchair.
– Install Handrails & Grab Bars for Elderly Persons: Going up and down starts becomes increasingly difficult as you age. In fact, stair are often something that leads seniors to sell their homes. Installing handrails and grab bars that make stairs doable help keep seniors safe while they navigate the stairs.
– Move Necessities to Main Level of Home: If there are laundry rooms and bedrooms on the second level or the basement, it might be time to make adjustments to the floor plan to incorporate those things into the main level as stairs become impossible. All necessities such as laundry, bedrooms and bathrooms need to be on the main level for many seniors.
– Install Wheelchair Ramps, Elevators or Chair Lifts: If it is impossible to move everything to the main level of the home, you can have an elevator or a stair lift installed in the house to help your senior navigate. Wheelchair ramps might be needed to get in and out of the house as well if there are stairs up to the front door.

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