Emergency Roof Tarping to Temporarily Cover a Damaged Roofing System & Protect Your Richmond, TX Home

Roof repairs are both costly and difficult to say the least. Roofs are constantly exposed to all of the elements, but nothing can damage a roof worse than severe storms. High winds and heavy rains can be the perfect recipe for a roof disaster. When a disaster does occur, you will need emergency roof tarping until the roof can be properly repaired. My-General Contractor would like to explain what emergency tarping is and why it is important if your roof was damaged during or after a storm.

When Should You Tarp Your Roof?

Emergency roof tarping is a fast solution to roofing damages after a storm. If a tree falls on the roof, lightning set the roof on fire, or strong winds removed the upper roofing material, you will need to protect the interior sections of the roof. You do not want water to leak into the attic to further damage the roof. When the roof is damaged after a major storm, roof tarping is a fast but temporary solution. Roof tarping protects the roof and everything below it. A home’s roof is the shield that protects the rest of the home. When the roof is compromised, so is the rest of the house.

Why Do People Put Tarps on Their Roof?

When a roof is damaged, it can take days for the roofing contractor to begin repairs. Materials will need to be ordered, the roof will need to be prepped for repairs, and more. As it can take time for a roofing repair contractor to fix your roof, you will need to have the roof and the home protected. Another storm, and even mild rain can become a major risk if the roof damages are left exposed. To prevent further damages to the roof, a roof tarp is secured. The tarp must be properly secured and the damages covered. When securing the tarp it is important that the tarp is properly placed to ensure neither rain nor the elements are able to get past the tarp and allow further damages to occur. Additionally, securing a tarp can be hazardous, which is why it is important to seek professional emergency roof tarping services. They can come immediately to your home, evaluate the damage and know how to best secure and protect your roof.

Emergency Roof Tarp Service Near Me

You will want to seek emergency roof tarping anytime your roof has been damaged. However, some roof damages may be hard to see at first. After a storm you should always walk outside and inspect your roof. If you have any missing shingles or roofing tiles, that is a problem. Any major impact from a tree branch or other large debris that hits the roof during high winds may have also lead to major roofing damages. You will want to enter your attic space and inspect the roof from inside. If you see any wet spots, dripping water, or daylight shine through into the attic, contact an emergency roof tarping service. Your roof needs to be protected until the roof can be properly repaired.

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Do not hesitate to have your roof protected after a storm or the roof damage can become an even bigger problem. For emergency roof tarping, roofing repairs and more, contact My-General Contractor today.

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