How Do I Soften the Front of My House & Increase Your Curb Appeal in The Woodlands, TX?

When you are looking to spruce up the look of your home there are some areas that make a major impact. Of course you can always upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms. This not only increase the functionality of the house but always will add value when you resell. The other area that you can focus on now that the weather is nice outside is the exterior of the house and landscaping to add some curb appeal to your home. This is the first thing that you and your visitors will see when they pull up and should reflect what you want them to see and feel. The exterior should always match the same high end look that you have inside as well. My-General Contractor lists areas to upgrade to increase your homes curb appeal.

Upgrade Front Door & Patio

The front door to your house is a great spot to add a visual pop and to draw the eye of your visitors. You want to make sure that you have the door that will look the best for what your décor is. Don’t be afraid of color and paint the door a bright bold color. You may also want to choose a nice double door that has glass panes to increase the elegance of the door. It is important to not overlook the area surrounding the front door and adding some level of design as well. A nice potted plant or other eye catching display is a way to balance out the front patio and decorate at the same time. Be sure that you have a lighting element especially if you have stairs not only for safety but for an amazing look as well.

What Can I Use for a Front Walkway?

When your home was built the most likely material that was used for walkways was concrete. It is a cost effective option and can be great if you treat it right. If you choose to keep your concrete walkways you want to ensure that you add some staining or stamping to it to increase the look. You can also have it sealed to make it easier to clean. You can also chose to remove the concrete all together and use slate or pavers to make an even bigger impact. You can also choose to add some texture and style to the walkway by changing up the layout.

Design Landscaping

You want to spend some time looking at the landscaping that you have in your yard. Do your trees, shrubs, and flowers make the statement that you want? Is it time to add or change some of the key elements? You can add hardscaping to the yard as well as more color in the form of plants and flowers. Yards also look best when you have different levels throughout it. That way it is pleasing to the eye and you can see each area. Meet with a landscape designer to see what your yard can really be.

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