How Do You Maximize Natural Light in Interior Design & Home Remodeling in Pasadena, TX?

Study after study will show you how crucial it is for your overall health to have ample natural light in your life. When you have plenty of natural light in your house, it is not only good for the health of everyone in the house, but it will also create a warm and welcoming environment. Maximizing the light in your house is important to many homeowners as they renovate and plan for a large remodel. My-General Contractor is here to talk about what you can do to maximize the natural light in your renovation.

Why Natural Light is so Important

There are many advantages that natural light has over artificial light.
– Health Benefits: exposure to natural light in your house can increase your Vitamin D intake, help improve sleep, and regulate your body’s circadian rhythm.
– Energy Efficiency: When you don’t have to turn on artificial lighting and rely more on natural lighting in your house, you will find that you spend less on energy every month.
– Aesthetic Appeal: If you are taking advantage of as much natural light as possible, your space will look larger and airier than closed in spaces do. It will help to bring out the natural colors in your home décor as well.

How Can I Renovate to Make My House have More Natural Light?

If you are getting ready to renovate your house, there are several ways that you can bring more natural light in throughout the process. There are several different ways that you can bring natural light into your house.

Windows & Doors

– Larger Windows: One way to bring more natural light into your newly renovated space is to make the current windows larger.
– Glass Doors: Replacing solid doors with glass is going to increase the natural light in your house as well. It also allows light to flow between spaces in your house.
– Skylights: If it’s possible, adding skylights can bring in light from the ceiling where you initially had none. This can help in rooms where windows aren’t an option.

Interior Design Choices

– Reflective Surfaces: Choosing reflective surfaces like mirrors, glass tabletops, and metallic finishes in your house help bring more light into a space.
– Light Colors: Selecting light colors in your house can help reflect light as well. Choose lighter flooring and furnishings as well.
– Open Floor Plan: When you have an open floor plan, light is able to move through the space much more effectively.

Architectural Features

– Solar Tubes: sun tunnels are both cost effective and efficient at bringing natural light into a space.
– Clerestory Windows: Windows right next to the ceiling in your house allow natural light without taking up too much wall space.

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