How Do You Prepare Your House for Aging in Place in Crosby, TX? Nonslip Flooring & Other Modifications

When it comes to aging in one’s own home, many homeowners discover that remodeling and continuing to live in their family home for another 5-15 years is more cost-effective than moving to an assisted living facility. Today, we, at My-General Contractor would like to provide some guidance on how to remodel your home for aging in place.

What is the Most Common Aging in Place Remodeling Project?

1) Install lever-style Doorknobs: These doorknobs are easier to grip than round ones and do not require a twisting motion. Lever doorknobs can be especially beneficial for individuals with arthritis or limited motion. This can be a do-it-yourself project or you can hire a handyman for the installation if it’s the only change you require, but it can also be easily incorporated into a larger remodel.
2) Add Grab Bars in Bathrooms: Slippery tubs, shower stalls, and floors can be hazardous, but installing sturdy grab bars can help prevent falls. Grab bars are a relatively inexpensive safety feature that can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.
3) Widen Doorways: If your doorways are narrower than 32 inches, they may need to be expanded to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility devices. A contractor can handle the process of replacing the existing frame and adding insulation, drywall, and paint. Additionally, you may need to move and rewire light switches during this process.
4) Replace Flooring with Slip-Resistant Materials: Vinyl and linoleum provide better traction and are more forgiving in case of a fall compared to hard stone floors. While bamboo and cork are slightly more expensive flooring choices, they are popular and ideal options. If you have a limited budget, at the very least, replace or repair any damaged areas to eliminate trip-and-fall hazards for people of all ages.
5) Install a Wheelchair Ramp: A ramp can eliminate the need to climb stairs when entering the home, even if no one in the household currently uses a wheelchair. It provides accessibility and convenience.
Adjust kitchen countertops: Installing cabinets and countertops at a more accessible height of 30 inches can make it easier for someone using a wheelchair or scooter to prepare food, compared to the usual height of about 34 inches off the floor.
6) Consider a Chair Lift or Elevator: If your home has multiple levels, installing a chair lift or elevator can assist seniors in moving between floors. While the cost may be significant, it is often a worthwhile investment. There are also programs available that can help cover the costs.
7) Financing Aging-in-Place Renovations: Home renovation expenses will generally need to be paid out of pocket. However, Medicare or private insurance may cover the cost of medical equipment installed in the home. Additionally, some seniors may qualify for a limited number of home improvement grants based on their income and location.

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