How Do You Redesign a Small Bathroom to Look Luxurious in Missouri City, TX? Corner Sinks, Floating Vanity & More

Often we remodel one room in our home at a time. This way the homeowner can plan and redesign each area without distraction and still have full use of most of their home. When remodeling bathrooms, especially a small bathroom, there are a few challenges. The greatest challenge is how to use the little bit of space wisely. If you’re planning to remodel a small bathroom and are looking for ways to use the space and create a well-designed comfortable bathroom, My-General Contractor will share a few ideas you can use when remodeling a small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Corner Sinks: If you have a small bathroom consider installing a corner sink. They use far less space, thereby creating more usable space. You can find triangle or circular corner sinks that are come in cabinet, pedestal, or floating styles. The floating style provides the most space. However, some people like to have extra storage or like the look of the pedestal. Another similar idea is installing a trough sink which is a floating sink that is much more narrow. Trough sinks are prefect for small guest style bathrooms.
Floating Vanity: Another concept that helps provide more space and makes a bathroom look bigger is a floating vanity. Floating vanities can create an interesting design to a bathroom and make a bathroom look more open at the same time. Floating vanities are growing in popularity and is worth consideration.
Round Vanity: Depending on the structure of the home and the existing bathroom, you may be limited on how many changes you can make to the bathroom and placement of vanity or sinks. One way you can create more room with limited space is by using a round vanity. Round vanities work quite well in the place of a square vanity.
Additional Counter Space: For smaller bathrooms it can be hard to get more counter space. To help get more space in small bathrooms you can extend the counter over the toilet. When you would like to have more space for décor or storage, consider a small counter that extends over the toilet.
Niche Cabinets: Small bathrooms often feel cramped and stuffy. When seeking ways to create more space, consider taking out the vanity or bathroom cabinets. Install, niche cabinets or built-in cabinets. They can help provide more space for storage or simple items like knickknacks and small décor items. You can find many tasteful designs for built-in cabinet or niches.
Towel Bar and Storage: You don’t have to have the towel bar mounted on the walls you can have towel bars mounted on shower doors. For extra storage for towels and other supplies you can install a floating rack underneath a floating sink or vanity to help add more space in the bathroom.
Corner Showers: For small bathrooms that have a shower bathtub combo, consider taking out the bath tub and install a corner or single shower stall instead. Round or square standing shower stalls are great and can help save space and provide additional areas for standing cabinets or simply more space.

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When remodeling a small bathroom in your home, you can find many ways to add space or make a bathroom feel bigger. If you want help redesigning your home’s bathrooms, contact My-General Contractor and begin remodeling your home.

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