How Do You Remodel a Shower & Bathroom for Aging in Place in Huntsville, TX?

Though there are many circumstances that can change your plans, some homeowners often find the home they intend to live in forever. Once the decision is made to stay in the home forever, many people will consider remodeling the home in different ways to better suit their needs. As we grow older, bathrooms become more dangerous as our risk of slipping and falling increases significantly. Additionally, the bathroom can also be made in a private oasis. No matter what your preference is, we at My-General Contractor would like to make some recommendations for remodeling the bathroom in your forever home.

Curbless or Low Threshold Showers

The tub/shower duos are convenient for growing families who need to transition from tub to shower, they have a high threshold, you must cross to get in. That threshold can become a danger to get in and out of daily as we age. There are a couple of options that can improve the safety of the tub/shower.
1) Those that are considered low threshold showers or walk-in showers, the showers with thresholds that are under 2-inches tall.
2) Since they are able to roll straight into the shower, curb-less or roll-in showers are convenient for members of your family who may be in a wheelchair.
We can help you find the best option for your shower if you need assistance.

Shower Seating

A built-in shower seat, another great feature of any universal design bathroom. While showering the bench provides a safe and convenient place to sit. Being much safer than a portable shower seat that can slip and fall while in use, a built-in shower seat is much easier for anyone in a wheelchair to move from their chair to the shower.

Handheld Shower Heads

It is easier to shower while seated or for those folks that have limited mobility that handheld shower heads can help which is a must forever homes. Additionally, this makes cleaning the shower easier too.
Grab Bars. Grab bars are frequently ugly, eye sores. For that they do not look out of place, we make sure to install grab bars that are tasteful and fit the style of your home. Fortunately, do not look out of place as contractors can ensure to install grab bars that are tasteful and fit the style of your home. In both the shower and toilet at least, we recommend adding them. To help you determine the correct amount for your needs, each bathroom and individual has different needs.

Reachable Storage Space

To reach low or high to retrieve toiletries and other items in your bathroom, it can be challenging for some clients. In order to reduce the need to crouch or bend down to reach things such as shampoo and soap while showering, we will design easy to reach storage spaces in your bathroom. As you increase your safety, and ensure you have a comfortable and beautiful bathroom for years to come, it makes it easy to reach storage will be more convenient for you.

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No matter how you envision your forever your bathroom, while you consider modern and aging in place options, the professionals of My-General Contractor is your leading expert to ensure your bathroom remodeling is done with long-term efficiency and of high-quality.

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