How Do You Style an Enclosed Screened In Porch to Add Value in Conroe, TX?

One way to enjoy nature while increasing your living space with the comfort of the indoors is by designing or adding on an enclosed patio. Enclosed patios bring a fun and luxurious element to any home. In addition, they provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, while still protecting you from the sun, heat, and all of the pollen that can trigger allergies. My-General Contractor would like to share some features and ideas you can use when designing your enclosed patio.

Does Enclosing a Porch Add Value?

An enclosed patio becomes an additional room in your home with plenty of natural light, and at the same times, makes you feel more part of nature. For those who suffer from allergies or other outdoor negative reactions, this is a way to still connect with nature. An enclosed patio can serve many purposes. Some may want a bigger or better dining area, a reading room, or maybe for a gardening area for those delicate plants and herbs. Depending on your enclosed patio’s designated purpose, you will want to then decide on the style or theme of the room. If you want an enclosed patio that helps you connect better with nature, you can have a classic country design or even an outdoor cabin, modern to cultural theme or design.

How Do You Style an Enclosed Porch?

Once you have an idea as to how you want to enclose patio, have it designed with your specific wants and desires included. Most enclosed patios are surrounded with large widows, screens, or shutters to make the area feel more open and like you’re out side. When it comes to an enclosed patio, one element that is essential is “open.” You want the area to feel as open as possible which is why it is important to have large windows, many windows, or even just screen openings to keep the pollen and critters out of the patio but allow the cool evening breeze in. Many love to allow natural light to fill the area, and avoid using too much artificial light for enclosed patios. Again, windows or screened panels will help allow more light. Many will even install tinted windows or glass on the patios roof. Skylights are highly recommended to protect the inside from too much light.

Can You have a Fireplace in a Screened In Porch?

Another idea is including a fireplace with the enclosed fire place. In many cases an enclosed patio isn’t cooled or heated since it is typically outside. At night having a roaring fire can create a peaceful yet warming mood for evening relaxing, reading or just for fun with a gathering of friends. It helps to have ceiling fans inside the enclosure to provide air circulation when a fire is going or to help cool you down on those warmer days.

Best Roof for a Porch

When designing the area, another structural feature we would like to encourage is roof concepts. An enclosed patio can have a variety of roof designs. High ceilings can help make a small patio feel bigger and much more open, Consider having vaulted or arched style ceilings with beautiful wood work. This can bring any enclosed patio a great and unique feel. Depending on your home’s structural design, you can have a lot of fun designing your enclosed patio.

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