Is it Better to Buy a House & Remodel or Custom Build in League City, TX? Convenience, Cost, Location & More

Finding the right home for your family can be stressful. There are so many things to think about. Many potential homeowners have a list of things that they want and need in the home they are looking for. It can leave those homebuyers wondering if it is better to just build a custom home that has all the wants and wishes they have for a home included in the final product. However, does that leave you paying much more for your home? My-General Contractor is here to talk about the difference in buying an existing home and having a custom home built for you.

Remodeling & Adding On to Existing Home

If you are looking for the perfect home, the fastest answer may be to find one that already exists and is up for sale. You may walk through the home and find things that don’t quite work for you though. You may need more space which leaves you building an addition on the home. Maybe the kitchen and bathrooms haven’t been updated. These renovations are a big deal and should be thought about when thinking about purchasing a home. You will need more money to make these changes and live in the mess while the renovations are being completed. Sometimes, you may find that the existing home that you’re looking for is filled with issues that need to be addressed. Maybe the plumbing and electrical systems need to be updated to handle the demands of your home. All of this can add up.

Build a Custom House from Scratch

While it may seem like it’s more expensive to build a custom home, you have to remember that all of those renovations will cost you money too. If you are planning to stay in the home forever, it may be worth building the home that you want rather than buying one that you have to make a number of changes to. However, you may be able to find an existing home that has it all. In this case, you will more than likely spend more on a custom home than you will on one that is already built.

Costs & Convenience when Buying a Home to Remodel

The two primary advantages to buying an existing home are convenience and cost. Once you are pre-approved by your lender, you can shop around, pick out a home, and make an offer. Once your offer is accepted, you may be able to close on the deal, and then move in within just a month or two, depending on the circumstances. The convenience of being able to move in right away is compelling enough for many people to choose an existing home over a build. Another benefit to buying an existing home is the opportunity to move into an established neighborhood close to town with mature landscaping. And if you aren’t totally happy with the floorplan or other aspects of the home, you can always remodel.

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