Is it Better to Gut & Remodel a Whole House or Move from Stafford, TX? Envision, Get Inspired, Get Permits & More

When your entire home is in need of repair and updating, you may be considering a whole house remodel. A whole house remodel is not a simple decision and there is a lot to think about. When you need to consider what steps you will like to take when planning your whole house remodel. My-General Contractor would like to address some of the some major concepts about a whole house remodel to ensure you are prepared and get the home you want.

Envision Your Home Remodel

When you want to remodel your entire home, you will want to decide what is most important and the main focus of your home’s remodel. Do you want more space? If so, you might consider removing walls for a more open floor plan. Do you need to replace old material so your home layout and design will not change much? Is every single room in the home going to undergo major changes or just small and more basic changes? Will you hire a contractor to remodel the entire home, or will you undertake the smaller tasks and have a contractor do the harder more challenging work? Additionally, will you have the entire home worked on at once or will you do one room at a time? Lastly, will you stay in the home or find somewhere else to stay or maybe go on an extended vacation? These are some major questions that will lead to how the entire project will go. Before starting a whole house remodel think about the smaller as much as the bigger details of the project.

Get Inspired when Remodeling Whole House

Before you begin your home’s remodel, seek out inspiration. There are so many styles and types of homes with a stylistic feel and design. When designing a home remodel, it is good to have a clear picture of how you want your home to look and have if blend and feel cohesive. You may want to go online and see how people are designing their bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and other parts of the home. See what can be done with help incorporating the elements you want in your home. Before you contact a contractor, you will want to grab a note pad and begin walking through your home and see what changes you would like to make and see how you can re-imagine your home. This will help when you sit down with the contractor and help them know what you want.

Research Local Permit Building Requirements

As you begin looking into a whole house remodel, make sure to research your city’s and county’s local permit requirement. Depending on what is involved in the home’s remodel, you may be required to get permits. For example, major plumbing and electrical work may require a permit. Or if you plan to add a deck to your home, your city may require you to have a permit. Your contractor should also be fairly familiar with local code and permit requirement to ensure you get the permits you need. However, permits can add a lot to your remodeling budget. It is wise to avoid any surprises.

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