Is it Worth it to Remodel a Bathroom in Missouri City, TX? What Adds the Most Value?

When remodeling your home’s bathrooms there are a lot of benefits that comes with it, especially when the remodeling is done right. The right changes to the bathroom can greatly enhance the home. If you are not sure if a bathroom remodel in your home is worth it, My-General Contractor will share how the right bathroom remodeling can benefit you and your home.

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodeling for Seniors

There are a number of different scenarios where the bathroom needs to be changed to suit the current changes in life. The elderly may find they need to remodel the bathroom to make daily life easier and safer for them. In some cases, bathrooms were originally designed to accommodate little children. As they grow, the bathroom may not seem very functional and needs to change with the ages of the household. Regardless of the scenario, the bathroom can be remodeled to better fit current life and the needs of the household.

Increase Value of the Home

With the right remodeling features, the home value can increase. By remodeling a half bathroom to a full bathroom, you will increase the home’s value. The right material can also increase the value of the home. When installing water smart faucets, shower heads, and toilet, you increase the home value. Using natural stone or the right tiles can also add to the home’s value. Heated bathroom flooring or enhanced lighting features and more is a great way to enhance the value of the home. When remodeling the bathroom the area is no longer considered out of date, which in general helps to increase the value and condition of the home.

Bathroom Efficiency Equals Savings

There are a number of ways a remodel can actually save you money at the end of each year. Water smart faucets, shower heads and toilet is a perfect example. Water smart plumbing systems use less water which will help save money on your water bill. During a bathroom remodel, you might also discover plumbing leaks which can cost hundreds of dollars each year. Leaks are the number one cause of water waste which the homeowner pays for. After a remodel, leaks are repaired and leaky faucets or shower heads can be replaced. Another way to help save money is by adding LED light fixtures, which reduces the amount of power used.

Enhance Safety in Bathroom

During a bathroom remodel safety feature can be put in place. Handrails by the toilet or in the shower can help the elderly or disabled people maneuver in the bathroom more safely. Installing non-slip flooring is another safety feature that can be added which benefits everyone. Shower seats is another safety feature you can build into the wall directly.

Make Needed Repairs

A bathroom can develop many things that need repair over the years. Fixing all of them can seem a bit overwhelming. However, during a bathroom remodel, all of the repairs can be dealt with at one time. The entire bathroom can be made new again and all of the pesky repair needs are gone.

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These are but a few of the many benefits of a bathroom remodel. If you find it is time to remodel your bathroom or other areas of your home, contact My-General Contractor today.

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