What Consideration is Needed for a Garage Conversion in Huntsville, TX? Flooring, Electrical, HVAC & More

Considering garage conversion remodeling can be highly beneficial, depending on the needs of you and your family. Adding more livable space to your home makes the garage conversion an optimal home improvement and remodeling project. Before diving into such a project however, you want to ensure it is doable for your budget and structure. With this in mind, we at My-General Contractor would like to share several important factors to consider in the early planning stages of your garage conversion construction project.

Considerations to Convert Garage to Living Space

Garage Flooring. Frequently significantly below the actual home’s floor level, it is common for garage doors to be resting on plain concrete. Whether you level the garage floor first, or during the garage conversion process to blend it with your home’s floor, you need to make sure the garage floor is done for smooth function.
Garage Door. One of the largest challenges during the during a garage conversion, is finding a solution for the garage door. The space it previously occupied will need to be finished in order to extends the home’s living space once the garage door is removed. Depending on the function of the new room, and homeowner preferences, there are a few options. A couple common solutions is to install a large window to the space or patio door and turn the remaining area into a wall, where other opt for new entryway or side door.
Indoor Comfort. You need to find out of the garage is currently attached to your home can simply be extended to the existing heating and cooling system to the garage. If it cannot, you may to consider other options such as investing in a separate heating system and cooling system for the garage.
Electrical. You should add at least one or two 20-amp circuits in the event a greater amount of electricity in your converted garage than in your existing garage. Doing so will keep your home’s electrical efficiency up to par.
Plumbing. Keep in mind that the plumbing may be the most difficult, time-consuming, and money-consuming part of the process if you want to add water access to the garage, such as for a bathroom or laundry room. Under many circumstances, getting the water extended to the garage is easier than figuring out a drainage solution. Be sure to have a line item in the budget just for the cause should add plumbing lines.
Vehicle. Many people use the garage to house their vehicle, and perhaps storage for seasonal items, lawn and landscaping maintenance tools and equipment, and other odds and ins. If you intend to make the garage a part of the home’s living space, you need to consider you storing options as well as where you park the car. Keep in mind some HOA require the vehicle not be parked in the street.
Blending with Home. The garage conversion includes the exterior blending with the home’ style. Be sure any doors, windows, siding, and colors all correlate with the rest of your home.

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