What is the Best & Worst Materials to Use when Remodeling Bathrooms in Conroe, TX?

When you want to remodel your home’s bathrooms, you may be full of wants and desires. Like any remodel project, it takes time and the proper investments. Many people will invest in remodeling a bathroom and then choose some of the worst materials possible, making the investment a short lived adventure. My-General Contractor wants to help you make the right decisions and make your bathroom remodel a worthwhile investment that will last years by choosing the right material for bathrooms.

Worst Bathroom Materials

First, let’s talk about what is some of the worst materials for bathrooms and what to avoid.
Carpet Flooring – There was a time, back in the 1980’s, where many bathrooms were installed with carpet flooring. Carpet is a fabric that holds onto moisture and becomes a perfect environment for mold to develop. This is rather common knowledge so why it ever came into fashion is somewhat a mystery. However it is strongly recommended not to use carpet inside a bathroom.
Marble Surfaces – Marble is an amazingly beautiful stone and does look beautiful as flooring, side walls, and counter tops. However, out of all of the natural stones used inside homes today, marble is the softest and weakest. Marble is very sensitive to acetic elements and are easily etched. When the protective sealer wears away the stone will begin to erode. To protect marble in a bathroom, you will need to reseal it as often as every two to three months. It is recommended to avoid marble in bathrooms for these reasons.
Laminate or Wood Materials – Laminate or wooden flooring or wood in general is another material that doesn’t react well with constant moisture exposure. For those who want a wood floor look in their bathroom use tile that imitates wood or the vinyl panel flooring.
Wallpaper – Also discouraged. Due to the frequent exposure to humidity, wallpaper often will begin to curl along the edges and the adhesive will begin to weaken where pieces of the wallpaper will bubble or fall down over time.

Best Bathroom Materials

Tile Surfaces – When remodeling a bathroom you can never go wrong with tile. Tile is resistant to moisture and is easily cleaned. You can use tile for flooring, walls, and of course around the bathtub and showers. Tile comes in many types, textures, colors and styles to match your remodel designs.
Laminate Counter Tops – These are a great alternative to using natural stone. Additionally, they handle the heat and humid conditions very well. Laminates don’t require sealers and it is easily cleaned. For those who want the look and feel of natural stone, you can also use plaster counter tops that are custom designed and look like one solid piece of stone. Another major trend is concrete counter tops that also do well for flooring. Counter tops and are designed and polished to look amazing.
Paint – Painting your wall is a much better choice than wallpaper. Paint is much more durable in the humid and damp conditions we expect in bathrooms. You can, of course, use tile to cover your entire wall or other paneling material.

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