What is the Process of Getting a New Roof Via Insurance & How to Negotiate a Roofing Replacement in Houston, TX?

When large storms come rolling in, your roof may have a hard time holding strong through it all. If you have experienced a severe storm lately that has left your roof damaged, you may be wondering how you go about filing a claim with your insurance company and what they may be willing to cover. My-General Contractor is here to talk about the process and what most insurance companies cover when it comes to storm damage and roof replacement.

What Roof Damage Should You Look for After a Storm?

One of the biggest reasons for roof damage in the matter of severe weather is wind. If the wind catches your roof just right, it may lift part of your roof off the roof deck and cause problems. If your fasteners are dislodged in this process, it can leave an opening that allows moisture to make its way inside your home. This causes damage like saturated insulation and wood rot. Anytime you notice that your fasteners aren’t properly secured, document it so you have the information there and ready for the inspector that will be coming out for the insurance claim. Sometimes, you may not have damage that is this severe. Even when you notice that several shingles have been ripped off due to high winds, you will need to have them repaired and replaced to avoid damage.

How Do You Know if Your Storm Damaged Roof Requires a Full Roof Replacement?

There are a couple of reasons your roof will need to be completely replaced when you file a claim with your insurance company. If there is more than 25% of the roof that has sustained damage, you will be likely looking at a full replacement. Another reason for replacing the whole roof is if the materials that make up your roof are no longer made and impossible to match. When you try to simply replace areas of the roof rather than a replacement, it weakens the roof and shortens its lifespan.

Why is it Important to Have a Certified Roof Inspection?

There is a difference between a free estimate and a certified roof inspection from a specialist like My-General Contractor. When you are wanting an estimate on what the damage may be to see if you should file a claim or not, this doesn’t mean that the insurance process has begun. Only after a certified roof inspection is complete will the insurance claim process start and the ball will be rolling. This is a very thorough walk through of all the damage and if or why the whole roof needs replacement. It’s best to go with the certified inspection right off the bat so that the insurance claim process isn’t delayed for any reason. When My-General Contractor, we often work the the insurance company to obtain written approval for us to immediately tarp and board up the property. This keeps out future wind and rain that is likely to further penetrate the structure and cause escalated damage, as well as secure the premises.

Roof Repair & Replacement, Storm Water Damage Cleanup, Restoration & More in Baytown, Pasadena, League City, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring & Greater Houston, Texas

At My-General Contractor, we offer certified roof inspections to get you well on the way to filing your insurance claim. We work with all the major insurance companies and deal with them directly so you don’t have to! And we handle every facet of the job from boarding up and tarping, extracting standing water and thoroughly drying the property to clean up, conducting mold remediation if necessary and performing the needed repairs and restoration. If you are looking at a full roof replacement whether due to a severe storm or other circumstances such as age; there isn’t anyone as qualified to get the job done as we are. Call us to schedule a consultation and inspection today!

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