What Kind of House Damage Do I Look for After a Storm in Tomball, TX? Holes in Roof, Wet Floors & More

During a storm a home can take quite a beating. Intense winds, hail, and rains can seriously damage a residence and when a home does sustain storm damage, you will want to seek timely repairs to prevent further problems and to restore your dwelling. After a storm there are some common elements to the home that often needs to be repaired. My-General Contractor would like to share some of these common damages, and what repairs are often needed after a major storm

Rains & High Winds Can Damage a Roof

During a storm the roof is usually the first part of the home that is seriously affected. The roof takes on all of the abuse from the wind, rain or hail. The roof can be damaged in many different ways. A large piece of debris, such as a tree branch, can fail on top of the roof leaving behind major structural damages. Wind can blow away shingles or roofing tiles that allows leaks. When a storm damages your home’s roof you will want to seek immediate roofing repairs. If the roof is compromised, the attic will be affected and eventually the entire house. To ensure your home is properly protected, you will want a healthy roof.

Winds & Rain Can Break a House Door or Window

During a major storm the home’s doors and windows can be a major weak point that often gets damaged. Window glass can break if debris hits it. Water can leak through the doors and window frame seals, causing water damage and rot. If a door wasn’t latched tight, the wind can blow the door open damaging the walls and the door’s hinges. It is not uncommon to need the doors or windows repaired or replaced after a major storm blows by.

Storms Can Damage a Floor

If a storm brings on a lot of rain, the home can flood, leaving the floors soaked. When the flooring, such as carpet or wood floors, are exposed to water they often will need to be removed and replaced. A Homeowner will need to seek floor replacements to avoid mold and other similar problems from affecting their home.

Flood Damage to House

Texas can have some major storms roll through, and when they do, they can leave behind major damages. One of the worst scenarios is when a storm floods the home. When the home is under a few feet of water you will need to replace more than just the floors. The home will need to undergo water damage restoration. This involves pumping out the access water, as well as drying and dehumidifying the home. Next the home is evaluated. The contractor will check to see if the dry wall will need to be replaced, the electrical system will be inspected and possibly repaired. The home will need to undergo major repairs and restoration after a major flood. It is important to seek professional assistance when it comes to restoring your home. Flood water doesn’t just damage the home but brings in a number of contaminates as well.

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A home can be damaged after a storm in many ways. If your home received recent storm damages, seek professional restoration and remodeling services. For quality restoration and remodeling services, contact My-General Contactor today.

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