What to Consider when Adding a Room Addition in Kingwood, TX; Budget, Permits & More

Are you considering adding an additional room to your home? A residential add-on is a major investment to your home. Often the need for more space occurs over time either by an ever growing family or the needs or a home office. Regardless as to the reason of the add-on, there are some major things every homeowner should consider before starting. My-General Contractor will share some of the basic considerations that can help you during a major renovation project like a home add-on.

Why Build an Addition to a House?

When you are considering adding a room or section to your home you probably have an idea of the room’s purpose already. If you need to add a kids room, play room, or want to expand your home’s living room, you will first need to determine how big the add-on will be and any other additional items you may need, like storage space for example or closets or cabinet. Before you begin talking with a contractor make sure to have the basic purposes of the add-on established.

Do I Need a Permit to Add a Room in My House?

Before adding on to a home you will first need to apply for a building permit. During the application process you may be advised of certain restrictions. Each city, state, or region may have different regulations and building laws. For example, some areas will not allow a structure to be built or come within 10 feet of the property line or boundaries. When applying for a permit make sure you understand the building restrictions in your area and know what you can or cannot do before you hire a contractor.

Budget to Make an Extra Room

Home add-ons and remolding is a major investment. It is important to set a budget and stick with it. Know the cost of the permits, building materials and labor before you begin any construction. Contact a contractor. Most will provide an estimate after walking through the detail of the add-on. Make sure it is within your budget and avoid jumping in too deep.

Can You Live in a House when Adding an Addition?

Add-ons don’t take a few days or even just a few week. They can take months depending on the size of the project. Depending on the location of the add-on it can make everyday living difficult. Construction often starts early and there will be noise and construction clutter. This is to be expected. If you’re going to stay home during construction, make sure to prepare and make any adjustment to help make the home more comfortable during the construction phase.

How Do You Design a Room Addition?

The general construction material will be supplied by the contractor. However, they do not supply the details. When it comes to the detail such as the flooring, light fixtures, trim work and etc. that will be up to the homeowner, and of course their budget. When it comes to the detail you can go looking for ideas online. There are so many places to go to look for inspiration. You can begin looking on Pinterest, Facebook, or do a general search on google. This will bring up a ton of images that can help you decide what look and materials you want for the detail work.

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After considering the basics and you’re ready to take those steps forward to begin your add-on project, contact My-General Contractor. We provide many remodeling services including home add-ons. Contact us today!

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