What to Consider when Adding a Room Addition onto Your House in Galveston, TX

When you find you are running out of space in your home, you may consider expanding your home’s square footage with a room addition. When you want to invest in a room addition, you most likely will have a lot of questions. Many people wonder if permits are needed, how much the room addition will cost, and how long it may take to complete? When planning a room addition, My-General Contractor would like to share some of the key points that you should know about room additions.

Room Addition Permits & Regulations

Each state, city and county will have their own laws and regulations about room additions. For those in the Los Angeles area, here is what the law states. If you are adding a room addition that is under 120 square feet or smaller, and the roof does not exceed over 12 feet high, you do not need a building permit. Los Angeles lets homeowners also add a room addition to their home without obtaining a permit first. However, a building permit will need to be obtained within the process of the addition project. As each county can vary it is always best to seek a permit before you begin the room addition. There are also different types of permits that you will need to have. Whereas you may or may not need a building permit depending on the project, you will need a permit for HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. If you ever get confused about what permits you will need for your project, talk about it with your remodeling contractor.

How Much Would it Cost to Add on a Room?

Many people will wonder how much a room addition will cost. There is no straight answer. There is a lot to consider when investing in a room addition that can influence the cost. For example, you can add a room on top of your house or on the ground level. Each will have its varying costs and requirements for the construction. The room’s purpose will also vary in cost. A sun room uses a lot of glass and frame, whereas a bathroom will need electrical and plumbing systems added. To get a better understanding on the cost of your room addition you will need to talk with a contractor. A contractor can also help break down the cost of materials, labor, and permits and better provide you with a clear picture of the cost of the room addition.

Home Addition Zone Regulations

When doing a room addition it is important to check your local zoning and regulation requirements and what they allow when it comes to room additions. For example, a room addition should not be built out so close to the property line that an emergency vehicle cannot get access to the backyard in the event of an emergency. There are some limitations to a room addition, so it is good to know them before you begin construction.

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