What to Do After Remodeling My House in Texas City, TX; Home Maintenance & More

Quite a few homeowners simply cannot wait to indulge in their home’s new features and get back into a normal routine after the remodel is complete. There are however, a few steps you should take to ensure your home is better preserved for years to come before you get too comfortable living in your newly defined space. You should take the following steps after your quality remodel services that we at My-General Contractor would like to share today.

Register All Warranty Items

Within a year or so of the completion of the remodeling project, your contractor has a warranty on many of the features in your home that covers the dents, dings, and other mishaps that happen within a year or so, more than likely. Assumably, the contractor’s warranty they provided are often exceeded if you upgraded your appliances such as the wine coolers, ovens, fridges, air conditioners, or washers/dryers, as well. You can register them quick and easy if you are sure to have the paperwork that comes with the appliances on hand, and you are good to go as these high-dollar items.

Learn About Home Maintenance

Solicit a contractor and/or a specialist to learn about regular maintenance. Just a few examples of the things that will need maintenance about every year include the unfinished woods and natural stones will need to be re-sealed, filters will have to be switched out and if you are currently dealing with hard water, your plumbing fixtures and water-based appliances may need to be deep cleaned to prevent buildup. With a lack of time, or without the know, these maintenance needs are often overlooked. The proper maintenance of these various materials can be offered by your contractor, or at least point you in the right direction. To ensure your systems, materials, and appliances last, be sure to consult a professional of the various elements in your home if nothing else.

Take Photos of Home Remodel

Having photos of the finished results can be of great use in the unlikely case of theft or damage. If you are willing to share, the photos can commemorate a job well done and most builders are happy to have love highlighting job photos on their websites as well. Additionally, as you may need it, these reasons but having your photos can help settle any warranty disputes as you can reference the original look of the completed job.

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Just be sure they do not get neglected and keep in mind that you do not have to wait until the very end of your remodeling project or immediately afterwards to perform these steps. Because an expensive item like an air conditioner doesn’t get registered properly, and if/when it breaks down, they are left to deal with it the homeowner is faced with a bill instead of a free or low-cost replacement simply too often. If an incident should occur, due diligence can make all the difference and it really can be a lifesaver. Call My-General Contractor today to schedule your consultation and we can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have when you are ready for a home remodel.

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