Are There Different Types of Plasterboard in La Porte, TX? Green Board, Paperless, Purple Drywall & More

Nothing will finish off the space that you’re working on in your home like drywall. When that process is complete, you can finally see what the space will look like when it is done. Depending on what part of your home you are working on, there are different types of drywalls that are going to be used to complete the space. They all have specific functions and it’s important to know what type is used where. My-General Contractor is here to discuss the different types of drywalls that could be used in your home remodel.

Different Types of Drywall & What They are Used For

All in all, there are seven different types of drywalls that you need to understand a little bit about.
– White Board: This is the most commonly used type of drywall used. It will be white on one side and brown on the other. This is the most economic type of drywall that you can buy on the market.
– Green Board: This type of drywall is used mostly in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. It is used in these areas because it is moisture resistant. It is important to note that just because it is moisture resistant, that doesn’t mean that it is waterproof.
– Blue Board: Also known as plaster base board, this type off drywall is used for veneer plastering. The surface paper on this drywall has special absorption qualities which makes it another good choice in high moisture areas.
– Paperless: Rather than paper on the outside of this board, it is wrapped in fiberglass. This makes is a good choice in areas that have high mold and mildew risk.
– Purple Drywall: This is the best type of drywall in a place that will see a lot of moisture. It is the one that many contractors will choose for bathrooms. This is because there is a lot of steam and moisture generated, and it will stand up to the moisture to avoid mold and mildew growth.
– Type X: This type of drywall is one of the hardest to work with because of its weight. It is heavier and much better in areas like garages, apartments and rooms for fire resistance. You can put as many layers as you want if you are trying to reach a certain fire rating. Many building codes will require this drywall.
– Soundproof: If you are looking to dampen the sound of a room like the family room which will be more likely to have loud noises, soundproof drywall will help reduce that noise.

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