What Maintenance is Required for a Flat Roof to Avoid Repairs & Premature Replacement in Lake Jackson, TX?

Flat roofs are most commonly used on large commercial buildings and warehouses. However, they can also be occasionally seen on residential homes. Flat roofs have many benefits such as maintaining cooler temperatures within the home. Even so, one down side is that flat roofs require frequent maintenance. Many insurance companies hesitate to insure homes or buildings with flat roofs due to their need for regular maintenance. If not properly maintained, flat roofs can suffer from several different types of damages. My-General Contractor would like to share the common types of flat roof damage and the importance of regular care.

Roof Cracking & Splitting

Flat roofs can receive splitting due to ice and freeze thawing, excessive pressure, stress, water ponding and even poor construction. Splitting often occurs when the roof wasn’t properly cared for. To prevent flat roofs from splitting one should have and maintain, solar reflective paint and clean stones or rocks. If the roof has been damaged due to the weight from snow or even from a person walking on the damaged areas, this will also cause splitting.

Ponding Water on a Flat Roof

Ponding is when water collects and pools in a specific area on the roof. Ponding can be due to air conditioning units or poor drainage after rain or snow. Ponding will either have pools of water on the roof or yellowish stains from water that has been evaporated. Flat roofs are designed with drainage systems to help prevent extended water exposure which can damage the roof. With regular maintenance, this problem would be discovered and addressed quickly. Ponding, depending on the location, can be addressed with pumps or fitting drains to help redirect the pooling water.

Blistering on a Flat Roof

Blistering occurs when air gets trapped in between the felt substrate or just the felt. As the air heats, it causes air pockets to form which leads to puncturing, most commonly located around the joints. Once the blisters begin to form, they will eventually break and expose the interior parts of the roof where water can follow the created path. When blistering occurs, it will need to be cleaned and repaired immediately or water damage will cause structural failure.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs should be regularly maintained. After winter and the snow–if any–has melted away, have your roof inspected and cleaned. If any repair is needed it’s best to repair small or minor damages before they become big problems. Some flat roofs may need painting, resurfacing or tar removal and reinstallation. Leaves and debris should be cleaned every few months, as should the gutter systems. There are a number of types of material used on flat roofs, such as asphalt shingles, tar, painted and stone covered roofs. Each will require different types of maintenance. However, it is important to address problems as they occur and don’t neglect your roof before it is too late.

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