Does Drywall Need to Be Replaced After a Flood in League City, TX? New Installation, Texture, Paint & More

When you live in an area that has the potential to have a flood you need to know what it takes to recover. Although some of the recovery is not possible and some of your items have the potential to be destroyed, the main structure of the house can usually be saved. My-General Contractor delves more into this topic below.

Types & Categories of Water Damage

The water that comes in can be categorized under a few types and one area is the type of water that has come in the house. It can have different levels of contamination depending on where the water that flooded your house has come from and what it has run through. Sewage back up is the worst level because it has human excrement that is extremely dangerous if you come in contact with it. Clean water such as when the bathtub has run over is much safer. The other area that is categorized is the amount of water that you are flooded with. A small amount of water may only affect the flooring where a larger amount of water can fill up your home and effect all the way up the walls. When this happens the amount of repairs will be much more. You want to use a company that offers water damage restoration who should come out and not only dry the rooms but also remove the effected materials.

Does Drywall Need to Be Replaced After Water Damage?

One area that is going to need to be removed when you have a flood is the drywall. The walls have a layer of paint and texture but under that there is drywall. It can become soaked and will have a very hard time drying. If it is not able to dry, the walls can start to grow mold which is extremely dangerous. That is why after a flood the drywall that has been soaked is removed as well as any damaged insulation as well. The boards can dry out so they are often left in place while the room is drying.

New Drywall Installation, Texture & Paint

When you have a flood and you have all the drywall removed that has been soaked you need some repairs done. The drying process can take some time but after it has been done you need to get your house back in order. That is why you need to have a company that can come out and have new drywall installed. The drywall has to be cut and placed on the walls to fit the areas that have been removed. They need to be taped off and new texture added as well. You then will need to have the walls painted and that is a great time to freshen up the rest of the house as well.

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My-General Contractor offers water damage cleanup and rebuilding including drywall repair and installation when your home has been affected by a flood, water leak or other disaster.

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