What is the Cause of Most Roof Problems in Pearland, TX? Heavy Rains, Wind, Poor Installation & More

Roof damages can cause structural weakness, water leaks, and also allow pests to climb into your home. When roof damages occur, it can lead to repairs or an expensive replacement of the entire roof. There are a number of causes that can lead to roof damages which can be prevented. By maintaining your roof and doing any repairs as they are needed, can help extend the life of your home’s roof. My-General Contractor will share some of the most common causes of roof damages in the hope you can prevent and maintain your home’s roof.

How Does a Roof Get Damaged & Cause Roof Leaks?

1. Often repairs or replacements of roofs are due to poor installation when the home was first constructed. If cheap or poor quality materials were used during the roof’s construction the likelihood of future damage occurs. For homes that seem to have regular problems, your roof may be poorly constructed. In such a case, contact a professional roof inspector. They will determine the quality of the materials and construction of the roof.
2. Areas that are exposed to rain for expended periods of time often develop leaks in the places the moisture gets trapped, which is usually underneath the roofing tile or shingles. Long periods of exposure to moisture can cause the wood to rot and roof collapses can occur.
3. Flashing is installed around ventilation pipes, sky lights, and similar penetrating objects located on the roof. If the flashing was poorly installed or contain improper seams, gaps, or cracks, leaks can occur. When the flashing doesn’t protect the roof correctly these areas will become damaged form moisture, exposure, or pests, which in turn cause a number of roof problems.
4. Pests such as pigeons, various other birds, rats and other pests often cause roof damage. If the birds aren’t pooping on the roof eroding the tile, then rats or other rodents are chewing their way into your home. Pest control for birds and other rodents is essential in preventing roof damages.
5. As stated before, water or moisture causes damage. Another source of water damage comes from the air conditioning drains. For those with the HVAC units located on the roof, make sure the drainage is intact and that the drains don’t get plugged.
6. Winds often cause different types of roof damage as well. Wind can loosen and blow roof tile down, strip away the flashing or sealants, which weakens and leaves your roof and its various materials exposed to the elements. Additionally, high wind sometimes causes trees, or power poles to fall over and sometime lands right on the roof. Overhanging tree branches should be removed and kept pruned.
7. One of the leading causes of roof damage is neglect. Regular repair and maintenance will help extend the life of the house or commercial building roofs. It is easier and more affordable to maintain a roof then face the cost of an entire roof replacement.

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