How Can I Make My House More Green in Mission Bend, TX? Natural Light, Smart Home & More

More and more people are finding the many benefits that come from making their home green. Not only are you saving the world one day at a time, but you will find that you can enjoy many savings when you choose to make your home green. My-General Contractor is here to share some of the ways that you can transform your home into a green home with certain selections during your home remodel.

Slow Down Water Usage

Water usage is a problem in California, considering we have been experiencing a drought for several years now. There is a considerable amount of water that is wasted every day as people use their sinks for various tasks. You can have slow flow faucets installed in your home to help you control the amount of water that is wasted when using your sink. You can also have water conserving toilets installed in your bathrooms as well.

Utilize Natural Light for Heating Your Home

If you are looking for ways to cut back on the amount of electricity you use to light your home, consider having skylights, sun tunnels and solar tubes installed in your home for some natural light. These can be installed in places that are hard to get windows installed like bathrooms, closets and hallways.

Make Your House a Smart Technology Home

This isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people are thinking of ways that they can make their homes green. However, when you have smart technology installed in your home, you can complete control of the HVAC system in your home and you won’t be wasting energy when it isn’t necessary. With smart homes, you can control all of these functions with your phone; so you can turn the heat up or down depending on where you are at. All of the appliances in your home can also be controlled with this system and you will be able to better utilize them as well.

How Do You Remodel Eco-Friendly?

There are many ways to remodel in an eco-friendly way such as choosing energy efficient appliances, reclaimed materials (such as hardwood flooring planks), choosing low VOC paints, increasing insulation and more.

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If you are getting ready to remodel your home, you can take advantage of the green remodeling services that My-General Contractor has to offer our valued customers. We can use green materials as we help you make your home a green place for you and your family to enjoy. Let us help you reduce your natural resource consumption and make your house beautiful in the process. Call us today!

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