How Do I Find the Perfect Bathtub for My Bathroom Remodel Design in Spring, TX?

If you want to do a remodeling project at your house, it is important to look at what rooms will give you the most for your money. One of the spaces that you can look at doing a remodel that will benefit the whole house is the bathrooms. They are a space that is used by all and shared not just with your family members but also with guests that may visit the house as well. You want to make sure that you make some considerations about the bathroom before you start any work. There are many aspects of the remodel that should be discussed such as the flow of the room and what you want in the room. You can choose from a single sink or a double sink, a toilet closet or an open space toilet and of course you need to decide on a bath, shower or both. Having a bathtub or shower really depends on what your personal preference is and what best suits the space. Having a bathtub in the space along with a shower is a great way to please all members and any would be buyers. My-General Contractor lists types of bathtubs to choose from when remodeling your bathroom.

Three Wall Bathtub

There are many bathtub choices when you go look at designs. This can be overwhelming when trying to decide which one should go in your space. You first need to know what space you have available so that you know what to look for. The most common and standard bathtub is called a three wall alcove. This is the tub that sets perfectly within three walls leaving one side open to get in or out. The space will normally have to be constructed to fit the tub that you have chosen in terms of size and shape. They come in very standard sizes and can be purchased in different colors as well.

Corner Bathtub

The other type of tub that is sought after and used in many homes is the corner tub. This is very similar to the three wall tub in some ways. The corner is often a square shape rather than a rectangular bathtub. That is so that there is more space and can fit a couple if they choose. They also often have jets to give your bath time a more relaxing feel. The corner tub will need a bit more space to allow it to fit and still have space to move around the room.

Claw Foot Bathtub

If you want to use a bathtub that shows off some major elegance as well as style then a claw foot tub is the way to go. This is a look that some homes want to have when they are setting the room up to look and feel more high end. The tub is set so that there are four feet that are often some metal such as cooper. They can be quite ornate and add a lovely level of decor to the room.

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