How Do You Optimize a Small Bathroom in Pasadena, TX? Same Flooring in Shower & More

Bathrooms should offer more than function. When you have plenty of space, it’s easy to figure out the features and elements you would like in your bathroom. When the bathroom is more closet-sized, you can have creativity with the storage, your space and your decorating. My-General Contractor would like to take the opportunity to share a few tips on how to optimize a small bathroom.

<2>What Makes a Small Bathroom Appear Larger?

Same Flooring in Shower. By carrying the same floor of the bathroom into the shower, make the space appear bigger. The whole room seems to be larger than it is, without anything to interrupt the eye.
Be Cautious with Patterns. Intricate designs on tile patterns or a wallpaper pattern you have fallen in love with is okay but mind the other surfaces in the small bathroom. Keep the walls simple if you choose a bold or detailed tile in a small bathroom. Maintain the floor more basic in design if you select a patterned wallpaper.
Place Storage on the Walls. When you’re getting ready in the bathroom, it is pretty critical to have your toiletries close at hand. With hardly any storage space is just a recipe for disorganization and chaos every morning, storing your toiletries outside a bathroom. Look to the wall if your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage space for your needs. To keep things tidy, pretty, and close at hand, install attractive storage units. Kick the bigger items out of the bathroom if there really just is not enough room. You can store extra towels, toilet paper, and washcloths on a small bookshelf right outside the bathroom door.
Take Advantage of the Ledge. Beneath your mirror and above your sink, consider installing a ledge beneath. When you just don’t have enough drawer or cabinet space, this is a great place to keep your hairbrush, and other small things.
Illuminate Bathroom. The right lighting is even more critical in a small bathroom, though every bathroom should have adequate lighting, it is where you get your appearance ready each day, after all. Making the small bathroom can be made more inviting with a well-lit space will make the area feel bigger and brighter.
Avoid Hard Edges. Being hard to avoid, sharp edges in a small bathroom is likely. However, you can make the room a little more friendly, by not bumping into hard corners and will give you just a tiny bit more space by rounding edges on your vanity. In a tiny bathroom, every inch counts.
Clear Materials. Instead of a shower curtain or foggy glass, select glass shower door. Without stopping and make the bathroom feel more spacious, this will let the eye travel around the room. Opt for a zero-threshold shower by going a step further. The floor is uninterrupted and appears larger without a curb to step over.
Floating Space. Try a floating vanity or shelves for stylish space if you don’t have much to store in the bathroom. Allowing the area to feel larger than it is, a floating vanity puts more visual space into the room.

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