Is Adding Square Footage Worth it in Pearland, TX? Plan to Add On or Build Up?

When you purchase a home you are looking for what you need right then. You may not be taking into account the needs that your family will have years down the road. When you run out of space in your home most people assume that moving is their only option. Moving is such a hassle and that is why adding square footage to your house is the better option. You can stay in the house that you loved when you bought it and get the room that you might need. The addition of space to a home means you are making a change to the current home and that takes the expertise of a professional. You want to make sure that the work is done to code so that the addition blends in well. My-General Contractor outlines what you need to know about adding square footage to your home.

Add On or Build Up?

When you want to add square footage to your home you need to look for the right area. You need to look around the property that is surrounding your home and see where the new addition could be built. You need to have enough space to accommodate the space as well as leaving enough space for the surrounding property line. There are often codes that exist when it comes to how far the building can be from the fence line. The addition of the square footage is usually called a bump out. This is when the building is open on one side and the addition is built on. The bump out should match the same layout and the same design as the rest of the house. That way when the bump out has been completed it does not look like any work was ever done. The addition of the square footage is a great way to allow a family to stay in the house after they start to grow out of it.

Room Addition Plan

When you are ready to add square footage to your home there are a lot of plans that need to go into the project. You want to make sure you know what you want the space to look like and what you want the space to be used for. Where the addition square footage is will often determine what the space is used for. If you add onto your existing main living space it may be used to enlarge the family room, add an office or increase the size of the kitchen and dining room. If the addition is near an area that has bedrooms you can use it to make a master suit or add a new guest bedroom. These are all ways to make a home more functional and more livable.

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If you want to have square footage added to your home you want to use a professional. We are able to pull the necessary permits and also ensure that there are no code violations when the addition is built. We will also use the right contractors to do the electrical, plumbing and more. My-General Contractor has the ability to add square footage to your home. Call us today to meet with our experts.

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