Is Converting Your Garage to Mancave, Bar, Bedroom or Casita Living Space a Good Idea in Baytown, TX?

When you search for a new home for your family it takes a long time to find a home that is the right fit for you. You have to look at how many bedrooms it has; kitchen layout; backyard; location; condition of the house and so much more. After you purchase the home it is so exciting to move in and start enjoying your new home. As time goes on you may find that the home is not fitting all of your needs anymore. At this point some families will sell their home and purchase a new home that fits their current needs. Other families feel like they can make some additions or conversions to their home to turn it into what they need and not have to move. You may be in this latter category. If you are, a garage conversion might be the best option for you. My-General Contractor delves into garage conversions below.

Do I Need Planning Permission & Permits to Convert My Garage?

Converting your garage gives you the ability to design a room or rooms that will fit the needs of your family better than your current home does. You will want to consider a few different things before moving forward with this idea. The first thing that you will want to do is check to see what building permits you will need to complete the project. Every area has unique building codes that will need to be followed so that your home can be up to code still.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Garage into a Room

Once you determine whether or not your project is a doable option you will want to figure out how much it is going to cost to fully complete your project. There is nothing worse than starting a project that you cannot finish because you ran out of money. It is estimated that converting your garage to a living space costs $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the size of your garage and the scope of the conversion. If you need plumbing, the cost will increase.

Convert Garage to Living Space

After you have decided how much money you have to devote to the project you can start looking at the actual nuts and bolts of the conversion. Some people want to turn their entire garage into living area while others just want to convert a portion of it. You may choose to do one room or two separate spaces. Part of this will be determined by how large your garage is. What the function of the room is will help decide much of this stage of the project. Do you need somewhere for your older parent to live in? Do you need an additional bedroom for children? Do you need a play room? Do you need a second family room? Do you need an at home gym? Once you have decided the purpose of the space one of our designers here at Terra Home Remodeling can help you design your plan.

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When your design is complete, the building process can start. Since the project is not overly large it is a relatively short process. After it is all done you can begin enjoying the extra space that you created. If you ever go to sell your home you will be happy to find that this project has added extra value to your property too. Call us today to learn more!

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