How Do I Plan a Room Addition in Conroe, TX? Create Current Floor Plan, Design Add-On, Budget & More

When a family lives in a home long enough they often find themselves needing more space. Many people will sell their home in search of a bigger one, while others will simply do a little renovating and add rooms onto their home. For those who want to add a room to their home, there are a few things you will need to consider. My-General Contractor will share what you should know about room addition renovations.

Know Your Property Lines

When considering adding a room to your home, you will first want to determine the property line and make a basic outline of the home, your landscape, and the outer property line. Essentially, create an outline of your plot as it is. That way you can have a reference to ensure the room addition does not violate any city codes.

Create a Current Floor Plan

To help assist in the designing of the add-on; you will want to locate the current house plan or blueprints if possible. It is essential that load bearing walls remain intact and can help determine where the add-on will be best or possible. With the current blue prints it will make designing the add-on much easier. A local assessor’s office may have old records of homes that were built in the area. You can also hire a professional to help locate your home’s blue print. Often contractors and designers can assist in locating or recreating your home’s blue prints.

Design the Add-On

With your home blue prints you can decide where to put the additional room. You may want to seek the aid of a design contractor to help in designing the room addition. You can begin by drawing out what you would like for your additional room. Depending on the room’s purpose, adding plumbing and electrical can become an issue. However draw out what you would like then speak to a contractor. They will better know what is possible and what will be needed to help make your home add-on a reality.

Budget & Cost of Room Addition

As you speak with contractors and designers, you will begin to determine the total cost of the room addition. Room addition costs can vary depending on what will be needed for the room purpose. For example, a bathroom addition will require plumbing and electrical work as well as the room itself. It is important to be prepared for the cost of the addition and know that the room’s purpose and size will affect the price of the addition.

Room Addition Should Match Rest of House

When adding onto a home you will have a fairly modern room attached to an older home. When designing the surface of the add-on, make sure to match the add-on with the rest of the home. Another option is updating the entire home to ensure your home matches. Updating can be as simple as replacing fixtures such as lights, countertops, floors, and repainting walls. This can completely update the home.

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