When are Turnkey Projects Including Design, Supplies & Construction, the Right Solution in Deer Park, TX?

A turnkey construction project just may be the solution you are looking for! Many project managers that have a building that need to be ready for tenants in a short period of time and on a limit will find that a turnkey project is the perfect fit for their needs. For those who may not be familiar with a turnkey project, My-General Contractor would like to break down what a turnkey project has to offer and see if it is right for your needs.

What is Meant By Turnkey Projects?

A turnkey project, or also referred to as a turnkey construction, describes a type of remodeling or renovation service that simplifies the owners project. A turnkey contractor will take on the responsibility of designing as well as completing the construction work. The owner of the building only has to wait for the contractor to finish the job and then “turn in the key,” which is where the term turnkey comes from. A turnkey project is based on three primary concepts and services.

What Does a Turnkey Project Include?

To better understand the benefits of a turnkey project, it helps to know the services that are being provided. Following are the three primary services that a Turnkey contractor provides.
Design: A Turnkey contractor will take on the task of designing the home or commercial facility. By using a Turnkey service, you eliminate the need to hire an architect or independent designer. It helps to save time and money to go through a single contractor for the needs of the building. Not only does using a Turnkey contractor provide the design plans, but they are also already familiar with the design, making construction more efficient.
Supplies: When hiring a contractor to remodel a building often the owner is responsible for buying and supplying the contractor with all of the materials. A Turnkey contractor will get all of the supplies and materials needed for the project. You do not have to try and figure out all of the material yourself. A Turnkey service will remove the burden and make sure to get the needed materials for the project.
Construction: The last primary service a Turnkey contractor provides is the construction. The they start and finish the remodeling or renovation of the building, You do not have to come on down, manage or take any part of the actual construction. The Turnkey contractor will manage the site and provide you with a deadline. Once the construction is finished, they will than give you the keys to the building.

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A turnkey project makes repair or renovation much simpler for you. A contractor can often get the job done quickly, use a limited amount of resources, and help reduce the cost of getting the building ready for occupancy. For those who don’t have the experience or do not have the time managing or overseeing every aspect of the building construction, seek a general contractor service like My General Contractor! If you have a turnkey project you want completed quickly and professionally, call us today!

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