What Type of Flooring is Best for Kitchens in Friendswood, TX? Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Plank, Laminate or Other?

One of the rooms in a home that most people would love to make a change to is the kitchen. Whether you want to get in trend with the latest and greatest color schemes or you want to change the overall layout of the space, a kitchen remodel is a great place to start. The kitchen is also one of the rooms in a home that if you make good changes to, it can bring a significant amount of value to the home. The best thing you can do is to make sure you understand the materials that are needed for a kitchen and what is the best option. When it comes to the flooring it can seem that there are too many options to consider. The first step that you want to take is the material that is best for your space. My-General Contractor outlines what materials are best for your kitchen remodel.

Is it OK to Put Hardwood Floors in a Kitchen?

If you want to use a classic and very long lasting material then look no further than hardwood floors. If you look back through time hardwood has always been an option and has been used in many homes. The hardwood option has come and gone as a major trend but has never left as a classic option. Hardwood is a great way to create a look that you can feel good about in the space and it can be made to match whatever type of theme you are going for. If you want a classic looking kitchen or a rustic farm feel hardwood can get you there. You can also choose hardwood if you want a modern and sleek kitchen as well. The great thing is that there are tons of options in the hardwood family from the type of wood, the color of the wood, the plank size and even the texture of the wood. You can choose a dark smooth finish or a rustic and multicolored option. Wood is also a great way to have a floor that will be very long lasting as long as it is cared for.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

There are some homeowners that are not sure what would suite their new remodel best. They also might want to have an option that is more affordable and that is why they may choose to have a laminate floor. This is a way to get the look of a material that you love such as hardwood but not have to pay the price. The lamination is made to look just like wood or other materials that you want to have on your floors. The laminate is not a long lasting option and tend to get worn out much faster than a good material. You want to make sure that if you choose laminate you are ready to have it replaced sooner than if you chose actual hardwood.

Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Good for Kitchens?

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is another cost-effective choice. While it may not look quite as much like wood or tile as laminate does, it is waterproof which is a huge bonus when installed in a kitchen. In addition, while both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are easy to keep clean, only vinyl flooring allows the entire span of cleaning methods, from sweeping with a dry broom to wet mopping. Vinyl flooring is also a supremely durable, low-maintenance flooring, thus the industry term resilient flooring.

Stone Or Tile Floors in Kitchens

Now if you are looking for a material that looks great, long lasting and elegant then stone or tile is the way to go. Many homeowners choose stone as a way to bring a more sophisticated look into the space while still staying with the trend of tile in your kitchen and bathrooms. Be sure that you know what stone you are getting and what the pros and cons are of each type of stone. You also want to make sure that you have a plan to care for your stone by having it cleaned, polished and even sealed.

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