What Should You NOT Do when Renovating in Galveston, TX? Hire a Handyman Instead of a Turnkey Contractor & More

When your entire home requires remodeling or renovating there are a number of mistakes you can make that can reduce the quality of the finished remodel and even reduce the value of your home. Some mistakes will live with you in your home until repaired. With this constant reminder you often regret the remodel. To avoid wasting the money, time and regretting your home’s remodel, My-General Contractor will share some common mistakes made during renovation, and what you can do to avoid them.

Avoid Hiring a Handyman. Instead Hire a General Contractor

Major remodeling should involve using a general contractor for a number of reasons, but mainly to ensure quality of work. There are other benefits of using a general contractor like My-General Contractor. We know what permits will be needed such as electrical, or plumbing work, wall removal, or relocation. Even installing different size windows or doors often requires a permit. When you have a major remodeling plan, seek the aid of a contractor to know what will require a permit and to ensure your home stays up to code. When seeking out a general contractor, don’t settle on the first one that pops up online. Make sure that you search out many. Compare the notes you have taken, such as reviews, insurance and licensing. Make sure that you hire a contractor that is fully insured and licensed. Of course they should have a good reputation and provide quality service.

Do Not Try to Remodel Your House on a Tight Budget

The major reality of any remodeling project big or small is based on your budget. When creating a budget you want to calculate the cost of the remodel. You will want to look at the cost of materials, fixtures, and other features you want included in your remodel as well as the cost of a quality contractor. After calculating the total cost don’t be fixed on that price as most remodels will increase by about 20% by the time the remodel is finished. Often little problems creep up during a remodel. When saving for a remodel, make sure to add that 20% to provide some flexibility during the remodel. This way you have no surprises or regrets.

Avoid Making Changes After Renovation has Begun

Too many homeowners are still redesigning their home after the remodeling construction has already begun. This can cost more money and time. Most contractors can help design for the remodel. After the design is complete they know what to do and can get to work. When a homeowner changes their mind it can lead to additional work and cost of materials. By changing right in the middle of the remodel, take more time to redesign for the changes, and to order additional materials. When designing for the remodel it is important to do your research and seek the changes that best fits you and works well with your home. Make sure you completely love the new design and stick with it. Avoid making any major changes especially after materials have been ordered or bought.

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My-General Contractor wants to ensure you love your home remodel and that you will be able to enjoy your home years after the remodel is finished. When you are seeking a quality home remodeling service, contact My-General Contractor and schedule our services today.

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