Popular Kitchen Remodel Design Styles in Deer Park, TX; Traditional, Contemporary & Transitional Kitchens

There are many styles of kitchens, and with so many there is bound to be one that fits your preferences. Generally, there are traditional kitchens, which can fit an assortment of specific styles, contemporary, and transitional kitchens that include the basics. However, each of these have its own variations and spin-offs. To help you get oriented as you put your room together, having a basic idea of these three design styles can be of use. Consider your personal preferences as well as the architectural style of your home as you determine your kitchen style. For example, if you live in brand-new contemporary loft, it would be more fitting to have a modern, urban style than a farmhouse look. My-General Contractor delves into this further below.

Traditional Kitchens

Typically, more decorative and detailed features like moldings, corbels, appliques and raised panel doors are included with traditional kitchens. As you would find in colonial, old world and French country, sometimes traditional kitchens may be more formal in nature. Other traditional styles may be more casual, such as rustic, coastal and country. The natural beauty of wood cabinetry is often showcased in traditional kitchens. Ornate glass doors and decorative millwork are other common features of traditional kitchen styles.

Contemporary / Modern Kitchens

Being pretty imprecise are the labels modern and contemporary. It involves splitting some hairs as you distinguish the difference between contemporary vs modern kitchen design. Both contemporary and modern kitchens represent new, updated styles and trends, generally speaking. Recently, clean open spaces and sleek lines are emphasized. Seeing man-made materials such as paint, stainless steel, plastic, laminate, glass, and concrete incorporated into the design is common. Simply referring to “the current time” is contemporary styles. The trends happening currently are not rooted in any historical period but is oriented toward the present and future unlike modernism. Deals with the new thing, however it happens to be changing, it does not necessarily follow any particular stylistic strain or school of architecture. New trends such as bold splashes of color, open shelving, mixed metals, smart appliances, especially brass and a multi-user layout are often incorporated in a contemporary kitchen design. Though contemporary styles look very trendy, keep in mind that different trends come and go before you start buying a ton of contemporary fixtures.

Transitional Kitchens

The transitional kitchen combines features of both traditional and modern design to create a fresh, updated look and is arguably the most popular style today. Without seeming stark or futuristic, the goal is to balance out the embellished familiarity of the traditional design with the new paints, materials, and trends of the current day. Generally, being softer, leaning towards the simple and linear, and not as heavy with decorative accents are the design lines in transitional kitchens. Shaker-style doors are popular in transitional kitchen designs with their clean and streamlined profile. Cabinets are often finished in a neutral paint such as white, gray or black. Transitional kitchens often seek to capture timeless styles with a personal touch with a playful mix of old and new. A perfect example of a transitional kitchen is the modern farmhouse design style. The Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Arts-and-Crafts Movement as well as Pottery Barn-inspired cottage styles are other styles you may have heard within the transitional category.

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