What Do I Need to Know Before Building a Room Addition in Friendswood, TX? Cost, Permit & More

Do you need more space? When they need more space, often a homeowner will consider adding onto their home. As there are a lot of benefits to adding onto your home, instead of selling and buying a bigger home, there is a lot to know about room additions. To have a better idea what is involved when adding a room to your home, My-General Contractor will share what you need to know about room additions.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Room Addition?

It seems that the number one question about adding a room to your home is the cost. In order to determine the cost of your room addition, you will need to sit down with a contractor. Every home and room addition is different and therefore requires its own set of materials, electrical and plumbing systems. Additionally, where you put the room addition will also determine the cost. For example, are you building on top of your roof, or extending the foundation? Each scenario will require its own set of materials and requirements that will change the cost of the project. There are too many variables when it comes to a room addition. This is why it is best to seek a contractor to go over your ideas on how you want the room addition to look and so the contractor can better help break down the cost of the room addition.

Do I Need a Permit to Add a Room to My House in Texas?

When adding a room to a home in Texas, there is a long list of requirements the state demands. For example, the plan must be drawn up to scale and be mapped out to see how it fits in the property. If the room addition is on the ground, you will need a licensed foundation engineer. He must lay the foundation for the addition. A detailed floor plan and how it will be worked into the home must also be drawn up and be given to the proper city official. You will need a permit which will go through the building officials. Again, contact a contractor to help you design and work with the city official as they know what codes and regulations to follow.

What Counts as an Addition?

A room addition, as the name suggests, is when you add a room to your home. However, bump outs also fall under room additions. Bump outs are fairly common when the homeowner feels a kitchen, living room or other space in the home needs to be bigger. Bump outs, of course, need to be any room that is on the outside walls of the home. A room addition can be attached to the ground level of the home or even built on top of the house. You can make the room addition anything you want it to be. Some of the common types of room additions are sun rooms, office, bedroom, mud room, and additional bathroom. When it comes to a room addition you desire, anything is possible.

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