What are the Pros of a Walk In Shower in Sugar Land, TX? Adds Home Value & More

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, then you have been looking at many different options on how you want your bathroom to look. Open walk-in showers come with many benefits. If you are considering having an open walk-in shower, My-General Contractor will list the benefits to help you decide if this is right for you below.

Walk in Shower Takes Less Space

Putting in a walk-in shower can create more space in your bathroom or at least give it the illusion that you have more space in the bathroom. Once you get rid of a bathtub or a cubicle shower and add a frameless glass screen, this can help your bathroom look larger, because there are no visual interruptions. With the walk-in shower, you can add a wet room style floor, which is more flexible for the layout because there is no fixed size or any awkward spaces.

Practical Shower Design

Having a walk-in shower with a doorless step-free design, instead of an enclosed shower with a bathtub can help it be easier for elderly or young children to get into the shower. Often lifting their leg over or keeping their balance can be difficult. It is also very nice to have more space in your shower with double shower heads.

Easy to Maintain

Without having doors and curtains on your shower, your walk-in shower will be easier to clean. There are no door handles or hinges that you have to try to scrub. You have the showerhead, faucet, floor, walls, and glass. The tempered glass is an easy-to-clean glass panel that you can spray down. You can always get a daily shower spray at the store to help keep it clean. The floor can be kept clean with your regular floor routine.

Walk in Shower Adds Home Value

Homebuyers consider a kitchen and a bathroom a game changer when it comes to selling your house. If you have them updated, then your house value can go up. Getting a sleek, walk-in shower gives you a high-luxury look, which will make homebuyers more drawn to your home. You can always add a heat lamp overhead or an underfloor heating. If you feel like the open walk-in shower can be too cold.

Improved Safety with a Walk In Shower

When you add a walk-in shower, it can come with many benefits, but one of the benefits is that it can improve safety. You can add a slip-resistant floor, low barrier entryway, easy-to-reach controls, safety bars, shelves, storage space, and handheld showerheads. You can have more accessories to help improve the safety of a shower when you have an open walk-in shower.

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Don’t let your home be outdated when you can get a sleek walk-in shower that can benefit your home and yourself in so many ways. If you are ready for a bathroom update, then give My-General Contractor a call and let your bathroom become your dream bathroom.

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