What is the Correct Order to Renovate a House in The Woodlands, TX? Create a Plan & More

When you move into a house that you would like to completely remodel, it is going to take a lot of planning. Remodeling a whole house is not for the faint at heart. However, with some planning and a solid plan, it is something that can turn your home into the home that you have always dreamed it could be. Knowing where to start when embarking on such a large project can be tricky. My-General Contractor is here to talk about the process and where you need to start when it comes to your whole house remodel.

Step 1: Create a Plan

The first thing that you need to do when remodeling an entire house is devise a plan. You can even go as far as using a program on a computer to have a drawing of what the renovations are going to look like. Knowing the full scale of the project is extremely helpful when you are working on a large-scale remodel like this. The contractor you’re working with can help you with your plans as well.

Step 2: Have a Budget in Place

The next thing you need to think about is your budget. You should plan on spending more than you think. There are usually things that come up when remodeling an older house and you will more likely spend more than you intend to up front.

Step 3: Acquire Permits

After you have a budget and a plan, you will need to make sure you have the right permits to get the ball rolling. If you’re changing things structurally or changing the footprint of your home, you will need permits for it.

Step 4: Get Started on the Home Remodel

Take a look at the renovations that you’re wanting to do to the house and choose a starting place. You need to consider whether or not you will live in the house when you’re remodeling it as well.

Things to Remember When Remodeling a Whole House

There are a few things that you should remember when you’re getting ready to remodel your whole house:
– Give yourself some extra time to get it done. Projects like this usually take longer than you think.
– Do your research as you choose a contractor for the project. You want one that will do the job well.
– Plan for more money than you think. Like mentioned above, there are always things that come up in a remodel of this magnitude. It will more than likely take more than you think to get the house you want.

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