What Order Should I Renovate My Whole House in Channelview, TX? Design, Style, Utilities & More

Whether your home is deteriorating, and it needs an uplift, your family dynamics have changed, or you are wanting a change, a whole home remodel can create the ideal home of your dreams without packing up and selling your house. Being that planning a whole house remodel is a major project, and a rather daunting task to make the right decision. Today, we at My-General Contractor would like to share a basic guide on whole home remodeling.

When Whole Home Remodeling What Should You Do First?

1) Make Your Vision Clear. A whole house remodel is not a quick weekend project you can handle all on your own. Before construction begins, you need to have a plan, considering the time, effort, and cost you are willing to invest, and ensure you have committed to the plan. Once you have committed the overall plan and the time frame it takes to get it done, you can create exactly the home you want. Understanding precisely what is important to you and your family is worthwhile investing the time and energy. You can familiarize yourself with simple and basic home remodeling ideas for starters. Make sure to check magazines and websites to get ideas of what you want your home’s finished product to be.
2) Consider the Future. A significant investment of your time and money, and quality work will last you a lifetime with a whole house remodel. You want to enjoy the new home for years to come. For example, if you have small children, consider the future, or if you will want to accommodate your parents living as they get older. You should also consider its resale value if you don’t see yourself living in your remodeled house permanently.
3) Finance Your Remodeling Project. As long as you’re financially ready and capable of the investment, everything’s flexible now. Through cash and liquid assets is usually the simplest and most direct way to finance home remodels. There are loans and other methods. No matter how you intend to finance your project, you want to ensure the funds are readily available.
4) Map Out Remodel Areas. An additional new room, or the entire house, or a combination of any rooms refers to whole home remodeling. Decide and commit to the rooms that you want remodeled and make the plan.
5) Select an Interior Design Style. The sky’s the limit since a whole house remodel allows for a complete style overhaul. To see how it will fit with your plans, select a few styles and themes that appeal to you and talk it over with your design-build contractor.
6) Consider Utilities. Particularly if you’re planning to change the structure drastically, or build up or out, your utilities such as water, gas, and electricity may put some constraints on your remodel. It’s worthwhile consulting a remodeling professional as soon as possible to know what changes viable and what challenges can come with it if you’ve got a significant remodel in mind.
7) Be Aware of Structural Necessities. Drastic changes may interfere with the structural support of the home, and its true in the case of additions. With its own unique requirements above and beyond the current building code, each city or building jurisdiction needs understanding. To help you work out how this will impact your home, you can consult an expert. It is important to keep in mind that new structures should adhere to your area’s building.

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